The doughman


When waffles , cookies , desserts taking all over the place , we got a new guest into the city that is chimney cones. A Chimney cone is traditionally called Kurtoskalas, it is the official dessert of Hungary. This delectable Hungarian Sweet Bread is freshly baked to order with a crispy crunchy outside and a light fluffy dough inside. They are cylinder shaped with a hollow center, resembling a hot chimney when it comes fresh out the oven.

If you enjoy the taste of churros and doughnuts, then you will absolutely love the deliciousness of a Chimney Cone.


Here in kolkata the very first time a newly opened outlet in bhawanipur  name THE DOUGHMAN serving a great quality of fresh and delicious cone . A small outlet with pretty ambience presenting a live experience of making fresh chimney cones is really outstanding.


Well all must be thinking what’s the difference between a normal cone and a chimney cone? Actually, the normal cones you see like the pizza cones they are very thick and hard. But the chimney cones are made very soft and strong in a way that the inner filling does not come out.

This outlet is situated at 24 A, Ray Street, Bhawanipur, Kolkata can easily locatable at gps . They are not only serving yummilicious dessert only but also serving chinese, italian, north indian , mexican through chimney cone . Really interesting right?

One thing I love about their cones is their flavors, they have some regular flavors and some new flavors like starting from some indian spices to chinese cuisine flavours which you have never tried before and the way they have presented it wins the heart. Here are some of my recommendations at the doughman:

Paneer makhni – Paneer makhani (also called paneer butter masala) is a slightly sweet creamy dish of paneer, originating from the Indian subcontinent, in which the gravy is prepared usually with butter , tomatoes, cashews or cream. Spices such as red chili powder and garam masala are also used to prepare this gravy. Twist is, it is served in a cone with this filling of paneer butter masala. Really taste great.

Cheesy blast –  For all cheesy lovers , the filling and also the cone  got a delicious  cheesy  lovers , and it’s really great in taste . The melted cheese is mixed up with veggies , origanoes just yummilicious in taste.


Cajun potato – It is the mixture of  finely chopped onions, chopped coriander and at last give a good sprinkle of the Cajun spice seasoning mix and serve hot. The crispy crunchy, spicy, and creamy Cajun potatoes devoured in a cone really yummilicious in taste.


Mr Oreo – Oreo is always favourite of mine and for everyone too. Usually we got to see a various version Oreo dessert and here also you will get to experience a heart melting tasty oreo dessert served in a chocolate cone with ice cream topped in it.  It is really great in taste .


Finally last but not the least all this delicious item cost just Rs 99 .

Serving , presentation , hygienic is all up to the mark .

definitely a highly recommended outlet .

The Doughman Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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